How do I get Funding?


Seeds of Change Recommendations

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Ontario Arts Council

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) was established in 1963 to foster the creation and production of art for the benefit of all Ontarians.

OAC offers more than 50 funding programs for artists and arts organizations based in Ontario, with funds from the Ontario government. Grants provide assistance for specific activities and for the ongoing operating expenses of an organization; we also provide support for a period of time.

OAC grants are open to professional artists, groups or collectives and arts organizations based in Ontario.

Professional artists:

    • have completed basic training in their artistic discipline or field, either through formal study or by teaching themselves;
    • Are recognized as professional practicing artists by other artists working in the same field;
    • Have a history of public presentation or publication of their work;
    • Spend a significant amount of time practicing their art.

Groups or collectives consist of at least two arts professionals who have come together to undertake a not-for-profit project.

Organizations must actively produce work or actively take the work of professional artists to Ontario communities. There are grants for touring, for producing a specific project, for presenting a specific project, and for producing an annual arts activity. To receive operating funding, an organization must be incorporated as not-for-profit, and must have been incorporated for at least two years

Summer Company Grant

Through a program called Summer Company, you can get two things:

  • start-up money to kick-off a new summer business
  • advice and mentorship from local business leaders to help get the business up and running

Learning how to run your own student business is one of the best summer jobs you can have. You get to be your own boss while learning what it takes to manage a business. Sales, marketing, invoicing, bookkeeping, customer relationship, management – these are just a few of the highly useful skills you will develop.

For more information visit the website or  call 1-800-668-9360, Fax 807-623-3962

Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is a program that provides grants and capacity building supports to community-based organizations, including grassroots, youth- led initiatives, seeking to improve outcomes for youth facing multiple barriers to economic and social wellbeing. 

PARO Centre for Womens Enterprise

PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise provides programs and services to women across Northern Ontario who are ready to start, grow or build new opportunities. They offer funding opportunities to hire for your business. PARO is Supporting Women in Business by providing information on Wage Subsidy Funding that may assist you with hiring staff.

MEDTE Strategic Community Entrepreneurship Projects

The MEDTE Strategic Community Entrepreneurship Projects program provides entrepreneurship training, mentoring, business coaching and funding of up to $3,000 to help cover your business start-up costs

Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund (NADF)

The NADF is an Aboriginal Financial Institution (AFI) providing financing, business support, and economic development services to Aboriginal businesses in northern Ontario.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools, resources, information and inspiration to successfully establish, expand, and manage their business.

NW Innovation Resource Center

The NW Innovation Resource Center is partnering with the Whatcom Community Foundation and the Industrial Credit Union to pioneer an exciting way for the community to support the establishment of local businesses. The selection criteria for these start-up businesses is that their mission contribute to both the economic and environmental benefit of Northwest Ontario.

Northern Ontario Angels

In November 2005, Northern Ontario Angels was formed to help entrepreneurs with finding funding and becoming ready for an investor. Northern Ontario Angles aims to connects investors with entrepreneurs and to help understand how investors help, and improve success.  If you are established and looking for funding, Northern Ontario Angels may be able to connect you to the right person!