About us

Bami’aawaso is a three-year project (2013-2016) to build sustainable infrastructure supporting youth aged 15-35 to engage in social enterprises. Nishnawbe Aski Nation is leading the project with the support of Ontario Trillium Fund and in partnership with PARO Centre for Womens Enterprise and Keewaytinook Okimmakanak. Our goal is to raise the awareness of social enterprise so that more youth are working for themselves to feed their families while making a positive change in their communities.

The objectives are to:

  • (1) create and deliver an accredited high school course where students can learn how to create an effective social enterprise,
  • (2) build sustainable infrastructure with resources and support so that youth can share experiences and best practices with each other through an online hub.

You don’t need a bank account, a loan or even be selling something to be an entrepreneur. You may already be a social entrepreneur. If you use your skills to care for your family while making positive change in your community, you’re a social entrepreneur.

Logo by Jesse Fiddler

The Jackpine cone requires heat (usually from a forest fire) to expand and spread the seeds in the cone. The Jackpine also grows and adapts to its environment, resulting in very beautiful and unique trees. It is found in the majority of the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation and is often used for firewood. It has quick growth and is one of the most sustainable trees in our area.

The hand represents the fire, heat, an energy that is our youth. We ar able to use this energy to launch the seeds of change and spread them throughout our land and nurture them. The sun represents the creator and continued energy that we need in order to grow. 

"The Jackpine grows to any shape that suits the light, suits the winds, suits itself." Milton Acorn.


Year 1 - Accomplishments

During year one(1) we; 

-created the KIHS and EDO curriculum with assistance from KO and PARO. 

-continued to collect community profiles and information on social enterprise in the northern communities 


Year 2 - Goals

During year two(2) we plan to;

-Deliver the KIHS and EDO curriculum to the communities

-Continue collection of community profiles and information in regards to social enterprise in the north